NOTE: All AI SpellMAX Functionality is now activated with a license for either AI DataMAX or AI DesignMAX -- no additional license is required!

AI SpellMAX™ helps to ensure that your drawings are free from spelling errors, and also allows you to find and replace text in your drawings!

AI MAX Spell: Spell check your drawing, even multiple-sheet drawings!


AI MAX Spell Main Interface Dialog

  • Check spelling of all texts on current sheet or all sheets
  • Check spelling of a user-specified word (just type the word to check)
  • Display number of times a misspelled word appears on each sheet
  • Show all misspellings of a particular word on a each sheet
  • Ignore once and Ignore All
  • Add a word to your personal word list
  • Replace Once and Replace All functionality
  • Replacements are tracked for next use: if a future check encounters the same misspelling, the last word used as a replacement is the first suggestion
  • Support for multiple simultaneous languages
  • Ability to ignore texts based on font
  • Ability to mark texts (such as in a drawing frame) that should be ignored

Find and Replace Main DialogAI Find and Replace: Find all occurrences of a word or sequence of letters in your drawing, and (optionally) replace with a new word or sequence of letters.


  • Option for Case-sensitive searching
  • Option to scan current sheet or all sheets
  • Option to search for whole words only or to include any matches
  • Optional replacement capability
  • Replace Once and Replace All functionality
  • Option to include or ignore punctuation 




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